Wednesday, December 28, 2011

YouTube traffic

I talk a lot about giving good information and being a thought leader for your market.  YouTube is a big part of doing that.  Not only that, but tools such as the Tube Toolbox make building friends and followers easier which makes getting your message out to people in your market easier.

Now, Youtube should NOT be used to advertise your products, but instead to demonstrate your  industry/market/product knowledge.  It's a way for you to easily and VERY inexpensively (as in free) communicate with your market.

You can then tie your videos over to facebook, your site ... and in fact get people who are watching your videos to even click over to your site to look at products or services that you have.

Done correctly, Youtube can very easily be a massive traffic generator for your site.  More importantly, Youtube can be a massive SALES generator for your site.

Now here's the best part about Youtube ... it can dramatically help to increase your search rankings.  For one thing it gives you more pages on another site that are "yours" that you can get to rank well for specific key phrases.  Secondly, the search engines like seeing multimedia content and want to rank sites with multiple content types on its pages better.  This can be something that helps to bump you over and above your competition.

Are you using Youtube to it's full potential?  Do you know how to do this?

Contact me and we can talk about how to best use Youtube in your business.

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