Monday, February 13, 2012

10 Best Blog Posts For Learning How To Go Viral

I recently went about a massive project regarding viral marketing designed originally to benefit my clients that wanted to gain additional traction in their markets.  During that project, 10 locations bubbled to the top as the best information if you truly want to know how to "go viral" with your content.

I highly recommend that you check these 10 links out.  Inbound marketing simply rocks, and these links can show you how to take your content marketing (or inbound marketing) efforts to the next level.

Those 10 best are:

  1. While this video is brief, some of the "distribution" information is some of the best around.
  2. This "guide" is much closer to an entire book regarding how to go viral and covers an incredibly large amount of ground from product creation to distribution.
  3. In this post (along with the next several) there is a discussion on how to create quality "link bait". Posts or content that you create that are heavily linked to are much more likely to go viral.
  4. Another great "link bait" post but in this case you are shown how to use the search engines to assist with your content going viral.
  5. This "link bait" post focuses on how to use "guest posting" to assist with getting your content to go viral. This is possibly one of the more unique methods.
  6. Honestly, even though some of the others might seem like they give more information regarding the creation of "link bait" this is one of the better posts due to how the information is presented.
  7. Tech Lunatic is an odd blog with tons of guest posting. That said, this is a great post even if it is a bit brief, it gets straight to the point and gives some solid information.
  8. Louis Gray 10 Great Ways to Get Discovered on Google+ You might be wondering what being discovered on a relatively tiny social network has to do with going viral. Well, the methods discussed within this post are some incredible was of creating content that goes viral as well.
  9. If you want to go viral, try producing content that is so good, so intensely awesome that it's "epic". This post on Think Traffic talks about that and what it really means.
  10. I titled this post "The Definitive Guide On Going Viral". In this guide a small mountain of information on going viral, from creating the content to distribution to building links is discussed. Because it is a "definitive guide" it is a bit long, but if you want to go viral, then learn as much as you can with this post.
If you want to reap the extraordinary benefits that comes from viral marketing then absolutely begin your research with these top posts and videos.

I hope this helps.

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