Friday, March 30, 2012

How A 7 Day Old Blog Attracted 500 Visitors And Over $1,000,000 In New Customers

Apply These Tips To Make More
From Your Site As Soon As Next Week
A week ago today I started a blog over at wordpress.  It's at

In that single week I've gotten 500 visitors to the blog, 50 people signed up to the mailing list, but more importantly 12 new consulting clients.  Because of how I'm paid, each of these should be worth $200,000 to me pretty easily if they follow my advice (and most do because of how I work with people).

So how did I do this?  How did such new blog ... and a free blog hosted on wordpress no less ... get traffic, email subscribers, and new business?

  1. If you take a look at the site ( you will see a couple of things fairly quickly.  The first is that it's about something very specific, and that's making money with mobile apps.  There are quite a number of really great mobile development blogs out there but almost none that talk exclusively about how to make money with apps.  This draws attention.
  2. I have been unabashed in giving away some of the best knowledge and information that I have.  This helps to establish expertise which helps to establish trust.  When people contact me I've already shows that I know what I'm talking about.
  3. I would then share that content on the various social network sites and social bookmarking sites to drive traffic.  This is literally the only thing I did to get traffic to that site.
  4. The site is intended to drive people quite purposely into my subscriber list.  From there I give even more great content.  However, that content that my subscribers get is intended to get people to want to talk to me about my consulting.
  5. I make it extremely easy for people to become consulting clients because I tie my success to your success.  The more you make, the more I do.  It makes it incredibly easy for you to say yes to having me consult with you on your project when you know that I get paid directly proportional to how much you make.  That means my incentive is for you to make as much as possible.  This is unlike other coaches/consultants that charge these massive upfront fees and what they are paid isn't dependent at all on how much you make.  I've never understood that, which is why I do things differently.
In other words, that new site was set up to establish obvious expertise first.  ONLY THEN would someone join my mailing list.  Once on my mailing list, I establish further expertise, and only then do they become a client.

It's a simple marketing funnel that works like crazy.  Just be aware of the fact that the funnel starts with the creation of great content that people will find enormously valuable.  From there just make sure that joining your list is as easy as possible with the fewest number of fields required as possible (to join my list all you need is an email address and that's it).

This Process Seems Very Simple, Because It Is ... But It Works Like Gangbusters

This process can work for you ... and it can start working in as little as a single week from now.  You just have to start actually doing it.  Yes it's simple, but that it's simple is the reason it works so well.

Check out and have a look at the articles.  Join the mailing list and see how the content is delivered and how I move people to getting in touch with me.  Then simply use what you see as a template for your own business.


  1. Brilliant! This confirms that phrase "content is the king"
    Were all these visits organic?