Friday, December 16, 2011

You don't have to sell the product?

I'm going to sell you a hamburger for the low, low price of just one million dollars.

Really, I will, stick with me for a minute.  You see, I'm going to sell you that hamburger for just one million and you'll see it as a BARGAIN, and I'm going to do that by providing you a hamburger as what you are buying, but I won't actually be selling a hamburger.

That may sound strange, but stick with me for a minute.

Actually, let me say this first, what I am about to run you through is something that I totally ripped off from Kevin Nations.

That said, how much is a hamburger worth?

Now when I ask this question of my clients typically they'll look at me with a strange look and say something along the lines of, "a few bucks."

Now, lets take that same hamburger and make it with all natural organic ingredients.  It's being served at a fine restaurant with white linen table cloths and a maitre'd, now how much is it worth?

To this question I'll get prices ranging from $10 to $20.

Okay, lets take that same hamburger, the same environment, but it's also a charity event where you are going to get to sit at the same table with your favorite celebrity, sports star, or anyone else you want, now how much is it worth?

I've gotten numbers as high as 10 grand to this question.  But that's still not one million and NO ONE, even the person that said 10 grand thought that was a bargain price.

Now, notice what happened up to this point.  The focus, up until the last one, was on the hamburger.  The most you can make just a hamburger, by selling ONLY a hamburger, by being ONLY in the "hamburger business" is about $20.

Add in some other things and get into the business of letting people eat with their favorite celebrity and suddenly the price goes flying through the roof.  That's because even though the "product" is a hamburger, that's not what is ACTUALLY being sold.

Well, lets put you out in the middle of the desert.  You're 2 days away from starving to death but you're five days away from the nearest source of food.

And there I am, with a hamburger large enough to easily help you get out of the desert and to your family.

That burger can be yours for just one million dollars.

If you have it, you'd pay it.  That's because it's not a hamburger anymore, it's your life.

In other words, if you want to truly be successful, sell "freedom from hunger" to people that are starving, or "freedom from thirst" to people desperate for something to drink.

Now that last sentence was meant to be figurative, but you hopefully get what I'm saying here.

I've been hitting this drum pretty hard for a reason.  When it comes to driving traffic, when it comes to finding potential customers, or generating leads, you have to know "what" you are going to sell, and the "what" doesn't have to be the "product".

The "product" can be a hamburger, but the "what" can be freedom from hunger.

The "product" can be industrial cleaning chemicals, but the "what" can be "improved profit margins".

So, if you aren't going to sell the product, "what" are you going to sell?

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