Thursday, December 15, 2011

Are you mobile?

If you truly are looking to generate traffic, then you simply MUST incorporate mobile marketing into the mix.

More google searches are performed on a mobile device now than on a computer.

Not only that, but if you're older than about 30, then you probably remember the days when you actively looked forward to every email that you got.  Today, spam is such a problem that most people find email more annoying than anything else.

However, studies show that 72% of people with a cell phone would rather get a text than a voice call AND they prefer texting to email.

Not only that, but most people don't get a whole lot of text messages.  So like the early days of the internet, when you sent an email it would be read FAST.  Well, today that's what a text message is like.

If you have an email list most people are lucky to get 35% open rates.

With a text message open rates are often over 95% ... AND those messages are being opened and read often within 5 minutes of the message going out.  This is actually better than any other form of marketing because NOTHING has had such high open rates so quickly, EVER.

The point here is clear, if you aren't doing mobile marketing, you're missing out on one of the greatest traffic and sales opportunities we've had in at least 10 years.

Now just imagine for a minute that your site/blog, your facebook account, twitter, and your mobile marketing are all integrated into a seamless method of cross-channel marketing that hits your potential customers everywhere and anywhere they are ... do you think that'd help your business?  (duh, of course it would)

When you get your free strategy session (which you can get by clicking the link near the top of the page) we will discuss how mobile could fit into your business and drive much more traffic and sales for you.

You can also check out Ryan Deiss' and Laura Betterley's Mobile Local Fusion (that's a direct link, not an affiliate).  Mobile Local Fusion is seriously a fantastic product and if you're thinking about starting to do mobile marketing, or you want to make what you are doing better, let me highly recommend that you check this out right away.

And let me be clear about something ... other so-called gurus will tell you to do one thing while they do another thing entirely.  Take a look at my site and you'll see that I too am doing mobile marketing myself!

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