Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lead Generation IS Marketing

Seth Godin says that "everything" is marketing.  While that's sort of true, I'd like to draw a bit of a distinction.

Marketing is the process you use to turn people into prospects. Sales is the process of turning prospects into customers.

Lead generation, list building, and so on, are all marketing.

So let me ask you ... what are you doing to generate leads?

Are you generating leads likely to become great potential customers ... or are you generating leads that only might become "just" customers?

Whether you sell to businesses or consumers, and whether you sell large volumes to lots of people or sell small numbers to only a few, the basic model is still the same.

Not only that, but no matter which one you do, if you're smart, you want your marketing (aka lead generation) to actually attract the kinds of people that are the most likely to become the best customers.

The bigger fish, the folks that will spend more money, much more often.

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