Monday, July 15, 2013

The only one that matters

I cranked out a book (and when I say "I" what I really mean is that I compiled some stuff from other people) in three days.

Uploaded it to amazon as a kindle book, and in three weeks the sales I've generated can only be called "enviable."

Now here's the thing.  I only used ONE marketing technique to do it.  Every single solitary sale came from doing just one technique and that's it.

And the crazy thing about it is that this technique is actually EASIER to do for something like an app than it is for something like a kindle book.  In fact the reason I'm only showing the results from this one KDP account is so that you don't see a bunch of earnings that were made because of other things that I did.  Every cent that was earned on this account came from doing just one thing.

That one marketing technique is in fact the single most powerful marketing method that I know.  It is responsible for more earnings, with less effort than anything that I do.

Now of course, someone showing you one amazon account, or one of anything ... well that could just be luck.  I mean it happens with apps, books, and all kinds of things all the time.  Sometimes you just get lucky and a bunch is made.

While people might THINK they know what caused the success, the truth is, unless they have duplicated that success, then they don't really know.

So let me show you some even better results.  Once again I am showing you earnings from an amazon kindle account.  These are easy to show because I have everything all nice and separated.

With both of the accounts I just showed you, I utilized JUST ONE marketing tactic to gain all of the sales.  Now these times are overlapping because I just pulled these screenshots.

The short version is that you are looking at nearly 200 grand in sales in just the last 6 weeks and only from two books!

And let me say this again ... this tactic is a great deal easier to do when you are doing it with apps.

However, this tactic seriously works to market virtually anything you can imagine.

I have used it to market apps, books, health supplements, sporting goods, camping equipment, and so on.  It works every time, without fail.

Now you should know that I haven't taught this technique to anyone ... ever.  I have at most hinted at how it's done, or in some cases gave a VERY "watered down" version of the technique.

I am going to be teaching a few people what this method is and how it works.

Now I do want to be clear about something.  This isn't a "learn it and money falls from the ceiling as if by magic" kind of thing.  This is a "learn it, apply it, DO IT, and you make money like crazy" kind of thing.

In other words, this method is something for the action-taker.  If you're some lazy jerk that wants to sit around watching oprah and "imagining" money falling from the ceiling ... well this technique probably won't do you much good.

Like I said, if you're the kind of person that is ready to DO THINGS to make success happen then this technique is probably the "key to the bank vault" that you've been looking for.

I'm going to be teaching how to do this through a series of emails, videos, and PDF files.  The class is going to have a cost.

But think of it, I'm showing you almost 200 grand in earnings in just 6 weeks from doing this.  If I can show you how to make just HALF of that, this class is worth ten grand.

However, I'm also aware that if you need this technique then you probably don't HAVE ten grand.

So I'm going to run this class very differently from anything else.

If you want into the class, leave a comment and let me know you want in.  I'll explain how you join the class, what the cost will be (probably just 100 or 200 or something), and so on.

So, the first step is really simple.  leave a comment and let me know you want details for joining the class.

The comment won't be posted but instead will be sent to me as an email so that I can reply with the details.


  1. Interested in the details for joining the class (The Only One That Matters). Thanks.

    1. The way you left the comment I don't have access to your email to give you information about joining the class.

      The best thing to do would be to email me at and we can talk about how you can join.