Friday, February 22, 2013

You aren't being told the truth

I have to tell you that it's frustrating. How often I see people being fed a line of bull about how much can be made with apps, or how fast things can happen online using "online only" techniques.

Let me give you an example. The game angry birds. Do you know that Roxio makes MOST of it's revenue from angry birds from licensing the angry birds logo to t-shirt companies, pillow companies, and so on?

In other words, while it is true that angry birds, the single most popular game in existence, is successful in it's own right, MOST of what it makes does NOT come from the app! This same thing can also be said of the now wildly successful "Temple Run" game as well.

These are companies that are using apps as a way to fuel REAL business ... where the HUGE money is made. Here's the thing, apps are a great way to make a little extra. The issue is that you can make SO MUCH MORE ... and do it so much faster, when you combine apps with other strategies and tactics.

I mean really, aren't you tired of wondering where your web traffic is going to come from? Aren't you tired of wondering how you're going to get downloads of your apps? Wouldn't it just be relaxing to know that you're making way more than you can spend? That your apps are getting huge downloads and your sites are getting hordes of traffic?

That's probably why my "Profit model" video on my blog is already overwhelmingly the single most watched video that I have despite not even being a month old yet. The truth of that video is resonating with people. 

Now here's the thing, last week I ran a test where I was going to mentor someone for only 500 bucks and take only one person. Obviously that spot filled up quite quickly. That program is proving to be so successful I'm going to open it up to three more folks.

I will teach you exactly how to use facebook, youtube, blogs, and forums to drive HUGE traffic to your sites AND how to leverage that into insane downloads of your apps. (yes, I'll be showing you how to create apps "on the cheap" and in only a week or two as well that will run on both android and iOS) That will then turn into INSANELY MORE traffic to your sites.

All of that will then be leveraged into tens of thousands of email list subscribers, tons of product sales, and on and on. In other words, if you want to know how to truly turbo charge your success, this is it.

In fact, this mentoring program comes with a guarantee unlike ANY other online. If I haven't helped you to make at least 10k within 60 days, you get the mentoring fee you paid back (and that's only 500 bucks).

How the program will work is that we will talk by voice about 3 times a week in the beginning. The full program will run 3 to 4 months with the goal being to set you up with a 100k per month deal ... just from recurring auto-bills.

You'll be making still more from doing other things, but once you have the 100k done, lots of other things become so much more possible. Plus you'll really like me :-)

If you are interested in joining this program, email me using the email address on the Contact Me page right away and let me know you want in. I'm only taking 3 more people and that's it.

Email me right away with any questions and to let me know you want details on how to get in. We'll speak by voice and during that conversation I'll answer your questions and give you the full scoop.

So when you email me, give me your phone number if you're in the states, or your skype ID if you're outside the states, and we'll talk.

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