Friday, January 13, 2012

Social As Market Intelligence Tool

With the explosive growth of social networks, most notably Facebook (but Twitter and Google+ as well) we are finally at a position where real, meaningful, intelligence can be gathered about almost any market.

Twitter with it's real time "pulse" regarding what's going on.  Facebook with it's user count rapidly approaching 1 billion, and Google+ with its rapid expansion and obvious preferential search treatment driving further growth.

Each of these locations provides their own mechanisms for search for and collecting market intelligence data.

And let me be clear about something here, I'm not talking about something basic like "mentions" of your company.  I mean true knowledge regarding what people in literally any given market want to spend their money on.

Not only that, but this market intelligence comes with knowing exactly how customers are wording their pains and desires making it easier than ever to specifically target products and services for maximum growth.

It's time to implement a massive market intelligence gathering effort at your company.

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