Thursday, January 26, 2012

Partner with Amazon & Apple?

How would you like for Amazon or Apple to actually help you get your products prominently ranked in the search engines?  I mean literally get their assistance with ranking well on the search engines (this is MORE powerful now with the changes at Google)!

Even better, how would you like for those companies to actually help you sell your products?

I've been considering a special report on how to make that happen.  If you're interested in that, then let me know by either leaving a non-anonymous comment to this post, giving a +1 by clicking the button below, or putting my G+ Page (link to that over to the right) in one of your circles.

Everyone that does one of those will be receiving special reports on how to partner with Google, Amazon, and Apple assuming I get enough interest.

If you want the report, just hit the +1 button below, leave a comment to this post letting me know you want the report, add my G+ Page to one of your circles ... or better yet do all three :-)

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