Monday, January 30, 2012

MAJOR effort underway to explain how to get content to go viral

I am knee deep in a massive effort to produce a "go to" guide for how to produce and create content that will go viral.  Everything from what kind of content to actually how to get it going out virally.  That will mean my information here will be more limited than usual.

And real quick, that "Definitive Guide To Getting Content To Go Viral" will ONLY be given out to subscribers to my mailing list and people on the Google+ page that have added the page to their circles.

Expect that to be completed this week.

Additionally, I am expecting to have the "How To Partner With Amazon" report out to folks some time today.  If you would like to get that, please add the Google+ Page to your circles or subscribe to the mailing list.


  1. Looking forward to your article!

  2. Oh, this is far more than just an article. It's already over 20 pages in length. I'm calling it "The Viral Manifesto" for a reason! :-)

    However only subscribers to the special report list, or people that have my personal G+ profile or my Market Domination G+ Page added to their circles will be getting it.

    So be sure you do one of those.