Monday, January 23, 2012

Gettin Sneaky With It

At SEOchat I wrote an article titled "Real Link Wheel Secrets To Top Google Rankings."

In that article I explain how to use "link wheels" to improve how you rank on Google (and this method works for Bing and Yahoo as well).

The thing is, at least on Google, Google Plus pages seem to be getting some amount of preferential treatment.

What if you created a Google Plus Page with a title that narrowly targets a given search term and throw a link wheel against that?

Oh yeah, did I mention that Google Plus Pages aren't "sandboxed" at all?  In other words, a Google Plus Page can start getting top rankings within a few DAYS.

So if you point a link wheel at one of those puppies you could quickly get top results.

Now, what if you also get a ton of people ( to +1 some of your Page posts, to add the page to their circles, and so on.

No Google is seeing that your page is getting shared and everything else.

This can very quickly create a dominating search position on Google.

Now let me caution you ... be worthy.  I know I say that a lot, but this is important.  A plus page that doesn't give some good reason for a visitor to have gone there isn't going to help you much.

Flip that around, and make your Plus Page a great destination and you can generate a growing horde of customers.

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