Tuesday, January 10, 2012

6 Strategies for Market Dominance

If you're going to be in business, then you should know a painful fact.  The evolution of the internet means that in any market, there are 10 or fewer players that get the lion share of the traffic (and therefore sales) and then there is everyone else that struggles.

If you want to succeed in your business then you need to make sure you're one of the top big dogs.

That starts by leveraging the power of information and being a thought leader.

Strategy #1: Putting your information onto iTunes and then making sure you're listed at Smashbooks.com ... and linking to your iTunes information so that it gets good links.

Strategy #2 & 3: It also means putting your information on Amazon in both print and kindle formats.  And while you're at it, why not have your products listed through Amazon as well?  Amazon is easily the largest buyer search engine in the world and for that reason you should think of them as your partner in business.

Strategy #4:  And since you are working to be a thought leader in your market and your creating information, why not also turn that information into video and post to YouTube (which by the way is actually the second most used search engine in the world).  Now, when you do that, if you're smart, you'll do something known as "title stacking".  What that means is you'll structure your title so that you can stuff your keyword that you are targeting more than once.  "Costmetic Surgeon Matt Goffrey Explains Best Way To Find A Cosmetic Surgeon".  In that example, obviously I'm targeting the phrase "cosmetic surgeon."  Or how about "Copywriting expert Matt Goffrey teaches copywriting."

Once again, I'm stuffing the title of the video with the keyword I want more than once.  The next big secret is to look at the videos that are currently ranking well in YouTube for the keyphrase you want and see what tags they are using in their videos and use them in yours.  YouTube will then assume that your video and the already well ranking one should be listed together thus pulling your video up the rankings quickly, especially if you also link to your video from other sources.

Strategy #5: Did you know that if you're an adwords advertiser that you can change your campaigns from PPC to CPA?  In other words, you pay Google ONLY on a "per action" basis, such as by the sale.  It won't matter how many clicks your ad generates, only how many SALES.  By paying on a per sale basis you can reduce your risk, increase your "ad spend", and get many more sales.

Strategy #6: This strategy is extremely counter intuitive, but it works like crazy, especially if you are smart and following strategies 1-3 above.  This strategy involves so-called "micro payments."  These are payments often of just 99 cents.  You can sell an insane amount of your best information and because it's so cheap (but still not free) get a lot of people buying it.  Further, because people are still "buying" the information you are viewed as more of an expert than someone else who maybe has only a blog.  Now, if you get REALLY smart with this, you can have entire "courses" where each step of the course is 99 cents.  Each piece teaches something really good and actionable and teases the next step.  Since the next step is only 99 cents it becomes pretty easy to say yes to that.  There are entire companies pulling in hundreds of millions of dollars doing nothing but micro-payments through facebook and iTunes.

Putting all of these strategies to work in your business can dramatically help your business to grow.

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