Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gettin' Sneaky With It

I'm going to show you a pretty cool method for getting some traffic that is actually fairly heavily under-utilized and in some ways is down right sneaky.

When it comes right down to it, getting good traffic is about putting something in front of someone that they are interested in so that they will click a link and visit your site.

EVERY traffic strategy is centered around that with the exception of "pop-up" traffic (which doesn't convert) or "direct type" traffic.

I'll be talking about direct type traffic, where someone types in your domain to visit your site without considering any of your competition in later posts.

For now, lets talk about the easiest type of traffic to get, and I call that "click" traffic (someone clicks on a link to visit your site).  PPC is "click" traffic, if you advertise in an email list that's "click" traffic, if you buy some banner ads that's "click" traffic also.

Even doing search engine optimization so that your site ranks well ... that's "click" traffic.  You are putting something in front of someone at a time when they are likely to be interested so that they click the search link and visit your site.

In fact nearly always when someone comes to me and asks me to generate traffic for their site, they are talking about getting more "click" traffic (often ignoring the fact that direct type traffic is FAR superior)

Once I get them to define their customer, the next step is to design some kind of "offer" that we can put in front of people so they will be interested in clicking on a link to visit the site.

And once that's done, my next stop (right after nextmark) is Google Adwords and the Bing Adcenter.

What I'm going for at this point is to place an ad in front of people that are using one of the Microsoft free web email tools or gmail (I don't YET worry about doing a search campaign).  You see, it's now possible to target an ad based on the content of the email being read. (and to be fair this has been possible for a long time but far too few people actually do this)

That means you can target people EXACTLY when they are the most likely to be thinking about what you have to offer.  Now people clearly do this already, but not very often and for that reason the CPC costs are about 1/3rd the cost of doing regular search campaigns ... and I've seen costs as low as 1/10th.

To me this is almost like reading someones mind and sneaking in front of them and placing an ad in front of them at the moment they are the most likely to be receptive to it.

This is one strategy among a great many that I can show you how to implement for your business specifically when you request your free strategy session.  Just click the link at the top of the page for information on that.

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